“I’ve been coming to Seward’s for years and am consistently impressed with their honesty, excellent service and customer friendly attitude.  They’re great!

-Christine H.

“Having dealt with Seward’s Tires for more than 30 yrs I have found them to be courteous and considerate.  Their father taught the boys well.”

-George O.

“I don’t have much money!  When I needed tires, I called all over Berkshire County looking for the best price.  I got a lot of different prices on a lot of different tire brands, many of which I’ve never heard of.  Not happy w/ what I found, I finally decided to call Seward’s.  I honestly assumed that Seward’s would be much more expensive.  To my surprise, they were cheaper or competitively priced for tire brands I’ve actually heard of!  Now, I have good tires at a good price with great service.  Plus, as My Grandfather always told me to “support the local merchant”, everyone wins!

-Jim W.

“We’ve come to Seward’s for decades and feel very lucky to have them in our community because they are so skilled, honest, responsive and friendly.  We depend upon them.

-Bonner M.

“The guys and Pat at Seward’s Tires are wonderful – always knowledgeable and willing to help!  You can always count on Seward’s!

-Jen R.

“Seward’s Tires is awesome!  Great service, great prices, great people – can’t ask for more.  Our own local tire business is so-o-o much better than a nameless chain store.”

-Don P.

“Seward’s has been caring for my cars’ tires (and sometimes batteries, wipers, etc.) ever since I made my second home in the Berkshires over 30 years ago.  A great family business with the personal touch! They are the best!”

-Susan R.

“I am very impressed with your service.  Also, I appreciate the clean waiting room.  A very professional out-fit!

-Abigail H.

“We have been customers of Seward’s Tires for over 35 years; initially as the source of tires provided by our local automobile mechanic, and for the past 14 years as a direct customer.

  The intent to keep business in our community not with standing, it is evident to us that this family owned, multi-generational business has flourished by effectively pursuing their purpose…to offer products and services that meet our needs and safety better than anyone else, and, might we add, at a fair price and in a fair and timely manner.

  Of particular mention, are two products.  The first is Bob’s recommendation to consider Nokian tires, which we have used exclusively as snow and touring tires for the past 9 years on all of our vehicles.  Undeniably, they are the best snow tires that we have ever owned, and the touring tires provide a significantly quieter ride.  In addition, the suggestion to convert to nitrogen for tire inflation has had wonderful results.  We have experienced a more even tire wear, and an improvement in miles per gallon as well.

  The Seward’s treat their customers like family, and considering that the nature of their business is safety, that means something to us.  We are not only satisfied customers, but also loyal ones.”

-Gary and Linda H.

“Knowledgeable!!! Pleasant (always); Helpful – THE BEST”

-Colette V.

 “Many years of superb/top quality service along with top notch technical knowledge and expertise.”

-Richard C.

“The Best – Only use Seward’s!  Polite, Courteous – Know Their Stuff”

-Nora H.

“Excellent Service. Best Prices/Best Attitude

Great People!”

-Shaun T.

“Always great service!  Seward’s staff always goes the extra mile to make sure their customers are satisfied and kept safely on the road.”

-Joseph L.

“Family-owned local business.  Prompt, friendly, knowledgeable, honest.  Thank you Seward’s Tires!”

-Laura G.

“I have purchased all of my tires and related services from Seward’s Tires since they opened close to forty years ago.  Their knowledge, prices, expertise, honestly and pleasant attitudes are first class.”

-Fred V.

“I used to really shop around and read Consumer Reports before buying tires.  Now I just ask Bob.  I’ve been very satisfied.  Seward’s makes supporting a local family business an easy decision.”  

-John C.

“Every time I come here I get the full attention of Bill, Pat, Bob or Andy.  I would never consider going to a different place for service on my Escape or my Mercedes.  I would only use another shop for special service maintenance.”

-Chris L.

“Great!  Wonderful to have a local, family owned biz here in my backyard!”

-Leslee C.

“I have been dealing with Seward’s Tires for nearly ten years and have never experienced anything less than the highest quality of service.  They make you feel at ease while they do the good work.”

-Charles J.


-Dana D.

“Always the best – Great service – Great business – Always attentive to detail – Caring & considerate”

-Belle F.

“Seward’s is always honest and efficient.  I never worry about them trying to sell me anything I don’t need.”

-Mari L.

“You can deal with these folks with confidence.  On two occasions, they easily could have sold me a tire to replace a damaged one, but didn’t.  They are honorable, pleasant to deal with and do a good job.  Plus, their waiting room is comfortable and sports available coffee and reading material to help you pass the time while they work on your car.”

-Peter L.
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